Modern, Reliable Websites For All.

Our Mission

Designing and developing modern, responsive websites for small businesses, entrepreneurs and creative professionals at an affordable rate.
Web design is like making a really cool art project. We use different kinds of skills to make really cool websites that look great and work really well. We use coding, design, and other fun ideas to create something special. Our job is to make sure your website looks great and works well too. We have been doing this for a long time and we are really good at it. We want to help you make something special that will help your business.

Our name Kreative Mojo Design was chosen because that is what we want your experience to be – creative eye catching, and user friendly. We would be delighted to work together in order to create something special that could bring worthwhile returns for your business.



Creative Director
A passionate designer with strong technical and creative skills, I have an eye for color and user experience. I have worked with many niches of companies and built relationships with my clients to help them build their businesses over the years. I am someone who is amazed at all the new web technologies and love to see all the new websites within the world. I am always happy to be bringing a great experience to my customers.