Website Improvement Checklist

Website Improvement Checklist

Online users take less than ten seconds to decide whether to close the page or continue using a website. The first impression of your website is an integral part of the user experience, allowing people to use your site, explore products or services, and take positive actions, such as purchasing a product. 

If your website is outdated and not providing users with value, it is time to improve its SEO, navigation, landing page, content, links, etc. Today’s article will give you a website improvement checklist to ensure it performs optimally.


  • Your company location and contact information are accessible from the site’s homepage
  • The navigation bar has links to product pages and categories 
  • It has a call-to-action (CTA) telling users what to do next 
  • It creates a positive first impression 
  • Images, infographics, and videos are relevant and SEO-optimized 
  • Changes to the website, such as delivery policies, are announced
  • The homepage has a search input box 
  • It has a link to the “About Us” page 


Layout and Design

  • The design and layout are consistent with your brand
  • The website is easy-to-use and responsive without horizontal scrolling 
  • It has relevant and meaningful information grouped appropriately
  • Pages are not cluttered 
  • The site has enough white space 
  • The content is easily readable
  • Pop-up windows frequency is minimum 
  • It has attention-grabbing features, such as infographics and animations
  • Specific elements are clickable 
  • Fonts are consistent across all pages 
  • Pages do not have scroll stoppers 
  • The background does not distract users from the content 
  • The company’s logo is in the same position on every page 



  • The text on the site pages is easy to read and understand 
  • Non-text elements have Alt attributes
  • Videos have proper captions and transcriptions 
  • Users can navigate the site without a mouse 
  • Content language is simple and appropriate for the target audience 



  • Navigation is simple, fast, and consistent on every page 
  • Navigation tabs are at the top of each page 
  • Content is explicit and organized into different categories 
  • The company logo links to the site’s homepage 
  • Clear links to the checkout on each page (if you have an eCommerce site)
  • The sitemap provides a suitable overview of the content 
  • A link to the sitemap on each page 
  • Navigation labels have “trigger words” for users looking to scan the site 



  • The site does not have broken links 
  • Commands, such as “purchase/buy” or “checkout,” are buttons and not links 
  • The site has descriptive links and not something like “click here.” 
  • Links look the same on each page and are recognizable 
  • Links color changes once clicked 


Final Words

An outdated website can take a massive toll on your business, reducing overall ROIs and decreasing your company’s bottom line. Therefore, spending time improving or optimizing your website is essential for keeping your audience/customers engaged and increasing conversions. 

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